Friday, January 31, 2020

Why is my Car's Heater not Working?

Nothing is worse than running out to your car on a bitter cold morning, turning the key, and switching on the heat, only to find that your car’s heater doesn’t want to come on… or worse, the heater only blows cold air.

During the cold commute to work you begin Googling “Auto Mechanics near me,” and calling shops for possible causes and estimates for repair. Unfortunately, nobody can give you a firm answer or a firm price until they inspect it, because there are several things that could be causing your car’s heater not to work

One such cause could be that your controls aren’t working. This would result in your car’s heater not coming on at all. Buttons and controls are subject to wear over time, so it is possible that all your vehicle needs are some new buttons. Issues with the circuitry or wiring could also cause your car’s heater to not come on. If this is the case, it should be taken to an Automotive Repair Shop like Pugh’s Automotive Service.

If your vehicle’s heater comes on but only blows cold air that could indicate a few different issues. A Plugged Heater Control Valve is one such issue. The Heater Control Valve acts as a switch that turns the heat on or off.

Low Coolant or a Plugged Heater Core could also cause your vehicle’s heater to blow cold air. Coolant Flow is vital in all climates but is more noticeable on cold days since coolant flow through the Heater Core is needed to provide you and your car with heat.

If you have checked your Coolant and it is at the proper level, you could be dealing with a faulty Heater Core or Thermostat. If your Heater Core is slightly leaking then you will notice a sweet, fruity smell. This would indicate a Coolant Leak, which if found with a foggy interior to your car and cold air coming from your heater, it is likely that your Heater Core is the cause.

To be completely sure of the problem, the best thing to do is take your vehicle to a professional mechanic. At Pugh’s Automotive Service in Dover, DE, we provide Free Inspections. That way, if the problem is easy to diagnose, you don’t get charged unnecessary fees.

If your car is experiencing these issues then stop by 728 Leipsic Rd in Dover, DE for your Free Inspection. You can also visit our website at or call (302)734-4231 to schedule your appointment.

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