Monday, December 16, 2019

How to Get your Car ready for Winter

Winter has a nasty habit of wreaking havoc on our daily lives, especially if you are one of many who has to leave your vehicle out in the cold or make a commute to work. From causing dead batteries to body damage, due to the unfortunate slip on some black ice, winter is more foe than friend to the average Joe.

So how do you stay on top of things when winter comes blowing in? You take your car to a trusted Automotive Shop, like Pugh’s Service Automotive, to make sure it is in tip-top shape to handle the coming winter weather.

At Pugh’s Service Automotive, we offer free Sensory, or SHOT Inspections. SHOT stands for Seeing, Hearing, Odor and Touch. This quick, but very thorough, inspection allows us to access your car and its ability to keep you safe, even during a snow storm.

Pugh’s Service Automotive’s SHOT Inspection will start with a Test Drive to make sure that we don’t hear any concerning noises from your vehicle. Low Brake Pads will make a Squealing Sound that will give them away. A Test Drive will also allow us to feel any vibrations, which could indicate Unbalanced Tires. If there are two things you definitely don’t want to have while driving around in the snow or rain, its Low Brakes and/or Bad Tires.

On a Test Drive, our mechanics will also use their sense of Smell. Is there a Sweet Smell in your car while it’s running? Could be that you have an Antifreeze Leak, which is something that could really hurt your vehicle if not caught before it gets too cold. Maybe there is a Burning Smell coming from your Heater Vents. This could be anything from Dust and Debris in the Vents to a problem with your Heater Core.

Once back from the Test Drive, our Mechanics will go over your vehicle completely, checking the Battery and Battery Terminals, checking the Tread Depth of your Tires and the level of the Brake Lining, inspecting the Wiper Blade Condition. They will also Feel the Belts and Hoses for any Cracking, Fraying, Soft Spots or Bulges. The Condition and Level of all of your fluids, such as Antifreeze, Oil, Brake Fluid, Washer Fluid, and Transmission Fluid will be checked as well.

Finally, we will test to see if all of your lights are working properly, to ensure that you can see clearly whether it be a clear day, raining, sleeting, snowing or just foggy.

At Pugh’s Service Automotive, we value your safety and understand that during this time of year, saving money is more important than ever. That is why our SHOT Inspections are free with every Oil Change or Automotive Service, along with any accompanying estimate for repair.

If you are looking to get your car ready for winter (and save a little money), please visit us at 728 Leipsic Road in Dover, Delaware. You can always call to schedule your appointment too, at (302)734-4231.

Pugh’s Service Automotive
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